What’s the backstory here?

Founder and editor-in-chief Robyn Vinter explains: “I’ve worked in national news for more than six years, writing for publications like the Guardian, the i paper, BuzzFeed, the New Statesman and others.

“When I was living in London and working in a newsroom, it was easy to get caught up in what the latest story was — whether political, economic or something else.

“But, when I went back home to Leeds and told my friends about what I’d been working on, they didn’t give a shit. It took me a while to realise that it wasn’t just because they were dicks. It was also because the most important things going on in their lives — arsehole landlords, crippling anxiety or struggling to afford to have a life outside of work, for example — were all things that the mainstream media didn’t report much on, despite the fact that they happen to everyone our age.

“As time went on, I started to notice how big the gap sometimes was between what normal twenty and thirty-somethings were passionate about and what appeared in the papers, online or on TV. News editors didn’t seem overly interested in devoting pages to the millennial housing crisis — instead preferring to write articles about some pricks who inherited £20,000 and lived with their parents and claimed they saved up to buy a deposit all by themselves, or articles about how avo toast is the real reason millennials can’t get on the property ladder.

Sometimes we try to go outside and interview people

“So, eventually I got fed up enough that I quit my job, moved back to Leeds and started The Overtake, with a small team of like-minded journalists, designers, developers and business-type people. Our aim is to do good quality investigative journalism about the things that real people are interested in.

“Things have actually ended up going quite well. The Overtake’s website has really taken off — we’ve done some amazing investigations — and, after just four months of existence, we were shortlisted for a Press Award. We’re still in a precarious financial situation (and none of us are currently paid!) but we’re getting there.”

How are you different?

It’s hard to bang on about it without sounding worthy, so we’ll try to keep it short.

We’re based in the north (that’s the north of England, not north London). That doesn’t mean we’re a local publication, though. It’s unusual, yes, but it is actually possible to be a national news site based outside of the capital.

We’re committed to being the opposite of the straight, white, middle-aged, middle-class mainstream media. Our small team are all kinds of gay, black, brown, young and poor. Which means our outlook is a bit different and the kinds of things we write about are hard to find elsewhere.

Thankfully there are no employment rules about putting your team in Christmas jumpers and making them stand under bad lighting

Probably most importantly, we’re proudly anti-hate. Journalists get a bad rep (and not for no reason — some of us are actual scum) but some of us got into journalism for the right (albeit slightly idealistic) reasons — to speak truth to power, to educate and inform, and to represent normal young people. That’s what we’re committed to doing, even if it makes us sound like those preachy people who shut their eyes and waggle their heads when they talk.

Why don’t you publish that many articles?

We’re about quality, not quantity. It takes a long time to research and report most of our stories because we don’t copy them from other publications.

We’d LOVE to publish more (and soon we will) but our main aim is to give you articles that are worth reading, that you can trust and, if you share, don’t make you look like an idiot by turning out not to be true.

Where does your money come from?

As of October 2018, we’ve just launched a Patreon. If you like what we do and why we do it, you can choose to compensate us for it; from as little as the cost of a pint per month — a fairly reasonable, Northern pint at that.

Cards on the table, there’ll be some cool knick knacks for supporters, but all our articles will remain free to access; this isn’t a paywall, just an opportunity for regular readers and those who see the value in supporting independent media to help us out.   

Advertising on the site is still a revenue stream at the moment. We try to keep advertising to a minimum because we know how much people hate it, but the cold, hard, capitalist truth is that if it wasn’t for corporate sponsors, we wouldn’t exist. When our readers get journalism free, the money to pay for it has to come from somewhere.

Having said that, unlike most publications, we are picky about who we associate with and we won’t take money from anyone. We do turn down advertisers who we think our readers won’t like. So we’re at least trying to make the world a less shit place.

Can I give you money?

Yes. We’re really fucking skint.

We’ve got the Patreon, as mentioned above, which you can find here. We offer some pretty sweet rewards for supporters, like behind-the-scenes stuff and cute pictures of our pets (yup, really).

And, if you aren’t the commitment type, but maybe read an article you particularly liked, you can simply buy us a coffee — or three — over at ko-fi.com/theovertake. Or, if you just want to PayPal us a random amount for absolutely no reason, we’re on team+pay@theovertake.com

Every penny that comes in is spent on journalism. We’ve got some incredible investigations that we’re just itching to do but can’t afford to work on at the moment, so we need all the help we can get.

If you are a kind benefactor and would like to help us continue to do good work, the email address to find out more is thankyouweloveyou@theovertake.com

If you’re not good or kind, but you are in the 1%, we’re also open to investment. If you’ve got a brain in your head and a load of cash lying around, contact gravytrain@theovertake.com and we’ll send you our deck. Maybe, we’ll let you become even more filthy rich.

Can I advertise with you?

If you have an advertising query, we would be delighted to take your money. Traffic varies, but we average 50-100k unique readers a month, and we have additional opportunities in audio/podcasting. The majority of our audience are millennials. We’re also doing some super innovative stuff with our ads. Let us tell you more about what we do — email specialfriends@theovertake.com.

Can I write for you?

If you’re a professional journalist, you absolutely can pitch us features. In the interests of total transparency, we pay £50 an article. We’d like to pay more but we have a tiny budget. Currently, we’re not taking opinion pieces and will only take first-person pieces if they’re particularly unique or compelling. See here for more information.

Can I do work experience with you?

Yes! Read more about how it works here.

Please be patient as we get a lot of emails and it might take a few weeks for us to respond.