We hid the world’s smallest phone in our office

And wouldn’t have found it again without clues

12th January 2018

The makers of the world’s smallest mobile phone say they did it just to see if they could. And it turns out they could.

The Zanco tiny t1 is not much bigger than a £2 coin. It makes calls, sends and receives texts, uses 2G and can store up to 300 contacts. Sure, it’s a gimmick — but for £35 a phone on Kickstarter — more than 3,000 people think it’s a gimmick worth having.

We hid the phone in our office to see how long it would take to find it, and then pretty much gave up.

Disclosure: The Overtake was paid for running ads for the Zanco tiny t1 – but we made this video just because we thought it was cool.

12th January 2018