So. Much. Exercise.

Tia-Clair Toomey and Patrick Vellner are some of the fittest people on Earth. But how do they stay motivated?

12th October 2017

She’s the fittest woman on the planet—and an Olympian—and still has days where doesn’t feel like training.

Tia-Clair Toomey’s incredible athleticism saw her rank number one at the Reebok CrossFit Games this summer, at the age of 23.

The previous year, she represented her home country, Australia, in weightlifting at the Rio Olympics.

Similarly, at 27, Patrick Vellner is another example of what the human body can do — with a lot of training. He can deadlift 555lbs and run 5k in just over 19 minutes.

In 2016, as a newcomer, Vellner came third in the men’s competition at the CrossFit Games, landing him the informal title of third fittest man on earth. This year he dropped one place to fourth.

Patrick Vellner
Patrick Vellner (Image: CrossFit)

Back in July, we managed to grab a quick chat with Toomey and Vellner and asked them how they could be bothered to exercise so much.

“Honestly most of the time it’s no chore,” Vellner says.

“I enjoy training, learning new skills and pushing myself. Plus when you’re training with other people it’s actually a fun social event.”

Toomey agrees. “My perspective is that I train, not exercise.

“The word exercise means going through the motion, whereas training has purpose,” she adds.

But there must be times when you’re not in the mood?

“Some days it can be frustrating or hard to get motivated, but it’s important to stay focused on your goals,” says Vellner.

Toomey says the worst days are good mental training. She says: “There are many days I’m not in the mood, however, they are the days I feel build me the most. Not physically, but mentally.

What about when your whole body hurts?

Vellner says: “I don’t love suffering in training, but I do love being successful in competition. Sometimes you just have to pay up for future success.

“It’s all investment. It’s just important to sit back and remember why you’re doing it, what you’re goals are and where you started from time to time. Helps keep perspective to see how far you’ve come,” he adds.

They make it sound so easy.

12th October 2017