5 apps you need to download before Christmas

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Christmas is the best time to download new apps: you need help getting things done on time, you want to look amazing, capture precious moments, make the most of time with friends and family — all while having a rest. As it turns out, there are apps for all that and more.

Some of these apps can be an early Christmas present to yourself, while others are completely free. Each one is a real must-have, so get on it ASAP and don’t miss out.


TouchRetouch is an innovative photo retouching app that allows you to remove unwanted parts of a photo by selecting them with your finger.

Its first-of-its-kind algorithm can remove anything from spots and other facial blemishes, to telegraph poles and even whole cars from your snaps. Reviewers are calling it the best retouch app out there — it’s even been described as “better than Photoshop” — and for £1.99, it’s good value for money too.

The award-winning, fast and reliable app by ADVA Soft runs on both Android and iOS, so no matter what tribe you belong to, you won’t miss out.

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There’s nothing worse over the Christmas period than not being able to sleep. With Sleepiest, you can listen to stories — your favourite classics like Alice in Wonderland, the Jungle Book and Sherlock Holmes — and soothing sounds like a crackling fire and autumn rain. Even better, Sleepiest’s composer tool allows you to mix more than 70 sounds, creating your own personal soundscape that customers say works miracles.

Sleepiest comes with a free trial and is highly recommended — it’s been Apple’s App Of The Day and also featured in its New Apps We Love 2018.

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If you want to take your photos to the next level, look no further than Airbrush. Smooth your skin, whiten your teeth, fix bad lighting — whatever you need, it’s possible with a few swipes. Even professional photographers and designers are using the free app, which has extra features for subscribers (and it’s on holiday sale!).

Airbrush is made by legendary photo app company Meitu. With an incredible 4.8 out of 5 rating in the Google Play Store and 4.9 out of 5 in the Apple App Store from more than a million reviews, it’s clear that Airbrush is a phenomenon.

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Imagine being able to get a sneak peek inside restaurants, attractions, pubs, cafes, markets — virtually anything you might want to see or do in London. That’s Hollabox, the world’s first video review platform. Unlike written reviews (which we all know can be sketchy), Hollabox shows you what it’s really like, with help from thousands of super cool videos from influencers and genuine Londoners.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting for the day, you can say goodbye to tourist traps and expensive substandard experiences. The free platform, also available as an app on the Apple App Store, is currently London-only but, the rate Hollabox is growing, we’re expecting to see it in every town and city soon.

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Ok, so the last one isn’t strictly an app but we’re including it because it’s essential for those last-minute Christmas shopping panics. Working out what to buy family and friends can be a nightmare. Do you know what skin products your mum uses or what are the cool brands for a nine-year-old cousin? WIRL, which stands for What I Really Like, has all the answers. Just send them the link to WIRL’s super quick form and within minutes you can have a ton of genuinely good gifts in your shopping basket. Plus, the platform will give you advance warning next time a special occasion is coming up.

Not only is WIRL free to use, but it’s also gorgeously designed and has no ads.


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