Five perfect gifts for your gal pal

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Are you a woman searching for the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife? Well, we here at The Overtake have scoured the internet and found five things that are bound to make any lesbian or bi woman happy — some more than others, we’ll admit.

From sex toys to stress toys, take a look at our list.

The RockHer

If you and your partner are looking for simultaneous, hands-free pleasure then you’ve got to give the RockHer a go.

This remote control-activated toy was created exclusively for female couples and is designed so your erotic zones can touch and stimulate hers without all the extra arm work.

And she’s versatile! The RockHer’s textured bulb can be inserted for internal stimulation, leaving the flexible ring positioned against the vulva — or it can be used in reverse. The ring can be inserted so the bulb remains on the outside pressing directly on the clitoris.

With 10 speeds to choose from, the RockHer will make a very satisfying gift for your girl.

Get it here for $74.95 (£58.53).

Sappho’s lyre charm bracelet

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This accessory is inspired by mother of all lesbians, Sappho. I probably don’t have to tell you this (you big gay nerd), but Sappho was a Greek poet and one of the first known queer women in literature. She played the lyre to accompany hits like, “Sweet mother, I cannot weave. Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl,” — basically, “I am too gay to function.”

If you know a woman who is also too goddamn gay to function, this is the gift for her. It’s the perfect way of subtly but proudly identifying as a women-loving-woman, and a portion of the proceeds will go towards providing emergency services for LGBT+ homeless youths.

Get it here for $23 (£17.95), and use the code #OverTake for 15% off of your total purchase!

A stress boob

📸 Find Me A Gift

Boobs. Don’t you feel better now? Isn’t the world a little bit lighter and a little bit brighter? According to research, holding some boobs can reduce your stress by up to 70%.

But when things are really going tits-up, you might need something you can squeeze a little harder. That’s where the giant boob stress ball comes in.

If your girlfriend is feeling overwhelmed because you’ve just moved in together after three months, if her cat keeps ruining the furniture, or if she’s lost her favourite baseball cap, she’ll find the stress boob perfect for quickly relieving tension.

Get it here for £5.99.

Lesbian colouring book

📸 J Caress Studio

This beautiful handmade colouring book will make a brilliant birthday, anniversary or holiday gift for your partner – or your gay/bi bff. It’s so gorgeous it’s sold out multiple times, but new batches keep arriving for the Art Gays who are so desperate to buy it.

Every book contains 10 5×7″ prints for the colourer’s pleasure, and they’re all scored with perforations for clean, quick removal. It’s really easy to pull out the plate, pop it in a frame, and proudly display the lesbian erotica you helped create. Un artiste!

And a bonus is that all the illustrations are original works by wife-wife owned creative company J Caress Studio. So by purchasing this book, you’ll also be supporting a queer woman-owned business.

Get it here for $19.99 (£15.61)

Jelly boobs

📸 Find Me A Gift

So there’s a bit of a theme here, but c’mon. This is a winning combination of two of the most delightful things in existence: sweets and boobs. (In that order.)

Everyone likes getting sweets as/with a gift, and these fruit-flavoured jellies are perfect for any occasion. They’re the sexiest of sweets! Jelly boob treats! This is getting weird now.

If your girlfriend or wife has a sweet tooth and an affinity for breasts, you can get her a 150g box of jelly boobs for less than £4. They’re so cheap you don’t even need an occasion. Just get some to have on hand.

Get it here for just £3.81.

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