Not so famous faces

The general public are bad at making decisions and we have a list of rejected £50 note nominees to prove it

28th January 2019

Presumably, the upstanding people at the Bank of England have never heard of Britain’s Got Talent, Boaty McBoatface or Brexit. If they had, they might have realised letting the British public decide things isn’t always a brilliant idea.

Last year, the Think Science campaign invited Britons, with our national love of history, science, the arts, wit and stupidity, to send in nominations for who will feature on the new £50. Nominees had to be British, a scientist, uncontroversial and dead. The Bank will announce the new face of the note in the summer.

There were over 225,000 entries, resulting in 989 eligible nominees who will be debated by a special committee. The Overtake was able to obtain the list of the 4,617 ineligible candidates. Some are not British, not scientists, still living, highly controversial or just humorous misspellings. Others are fictional, people’s mates with famous scientist surnames, and in one case, a phrase.

You can play with our tool at the bottom of the article to see if you were nominated by a friend or if your favourite musician/actor/newsworthy pet/imaginary character made the list. In the meantime, here are just a few of our highlights from the mega-list of £50 quid losers.

Just imagine his wholesome face on there… it’s what 2019 needs 📸 Frank Phillips

Frank Reynolds was noticeable by his absence given that both the actor that portrays him, Danny Devito, and his alter-ego Mantis Toboggan feature on the list. Is that enough to get him on the note?

We poured through this ridiculous list for hours weeding out the dumb from the incredibly dumb. Because we are not sadists, we’ve made that a little easier for you. Either use the search bar to find specific individuals or if you have hours to spare, you can flick through the thousands of entries manually. It counts as reading. Kind of.

Let us know who you think was robbed of the title (and which of the entries prove you can’t trust your fellow Britons) at @TheOvertake.

28th January 2019