Inktober Week 1 A round-up of some of the best #inktober art from the first week

9th October 2018

For the uninitiated, Inktober is one nicer aspect of the hellscape we call “Twitter”. Each year, artists from around the world take on the challenge of creating art throughout the entire month of October. The Overtake has plunged into the #inktober hashtag to bring you some of our favourites from the first week of the challenge.

Looking at cool art online might seem like an easy job, but to bring these pieces together, we’ve had to wade through a lot of furry porn and edge-lord manga, to get to the good stuff.

The first week’s official prompts were the words: poisonous, tranquil, roasted, spell, chicken, drooling and exhausted. Participants based their art around these concepts — however they interpreted them. While the prompts certainly excited the artists in the NSFW categories, they also helped to produce some excellent pieces. With it being the lead-up to Halloween, expect plenty of witches, ghouls, ghost and all-around spookiness.


Drooling By Heidi Abernathy

By @ColourNathy

By @Ahcy

By @EtheringtonBros

By @Jarzardart

By Caswell_Ashwell

By @krxstines

By @kvkki

By @Max_Dunbar

By @Hikasawr

By @Redolaf

By @FlyqueenArt

By @JenniferLMeyer

By @Lea_rmz

By @naomame_art

By @MarMartinis

By @SaintDri

By @ElbenherzArt

By @Kinschi_draws

By @closet_unicorn

By @Hiroyuume

By @wolfinsheeps

And, last but not least… Dog-tor Strange.

By @BenjaminDewey

Stop by next week for our look at week 2.

9th October 2018