Here's where the minimum wage rise will make the most difference

The hourly rate is going up in April

30th October 2018

In April next year, the minimum wage is rising from £7.83 to £8.21 an hour.

The hourly rate, which is technically known as the National Living Wage — a confusing moniker because it is less than what economists have deemed enough to live on in the UK — is the lowest that can be paid to workers.

For full-time workers, this will amount to a pay rise of more than £500 a year.

In areas like London and the South East, the boost will only affect about one in 20 people. However, the pay rise is a much bigger deal to other areas.

The region that will benefit most is Northern Ireland, where nearly one in eight people, equivalent to 12%, will get a pay rise as a direct result of the measure, which was announced in Chancellor Philip Hammond’s autumn Budget on Monday, having been recommended by the government’s Low Pay Commission.

After Northern Ireland, the regions that benefit the most are the North East, West Midlands and East Midlands, with 9% of people being paid the minimum wage, followed by the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber and Wales, with 8%.

minimum wage graph

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30th October 2018