Quirky and handmade gifts that are actually affordable

You can't go wrong with these

20th December 2018

With Christmas approaching at the speed of nine reindeer pulling a magic sleigh to deliver presents around the world in one night, the time has come to find those individual bargains for our ever-extending lists of family and friends. Thank Santa for online shopping.

If you don’t have a natural flair for homemade gifts and instead end up creating only exasperated children, then maybe it’s time to turn elsewhere. There are a few businesses that sell personalised goods for a living and you won’t break the bank.

First on the list is Etsy. As stated on their homepage, “If it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom or unique, it’s on Etsy.” The site is categorised into Jewellery and Accessories, Clothing and Shoes, Home and Living, Wedding and Party, Toys and Entertainment, Art and Collectibles, Craft Supplies and Tools, and Vintage. And those are just the subheadings. There are so many options to pick from, many of which can be adapted into Christmas gifts, with prices ranging from low to high.

Here are some great products that come at affordable prices if you’re trying to minimise how much you need to spend:

Monogram purse

Price: £10.00

If you have friends/family who adore personalised gifts, then these purses are perfect. Although they say they are for weddings, you could use them for all types of special occasions, or adapt into an everyday clutch bag. If you want to make them even more special, maybe buy some miniature makeup sets to put inside from Boots, or even local supermarkets that do some good deals.

Personalised keyring

Price: £10.00

Another personalised gift is this keyring that can be designed for family members such as: “nana, nanna, mummy, mum, nan, nanny, gran, granny, aunt, aunty, auntie”. The gift is supposed to be for Mother’s day, but this is a present you can give any time of the year to show your appreciation for your family member.

Leather Bag

Price: £17.70

A little bit more expensive than the previous items, but a lovely stocking filler. Made from “crazy horse” so get ready to giddy-up. You will see the natural defects of the leather, but that’s what makes its more of a genuine, natural product.

Wave ring

Price: £10.00

This is the cutest handmade ring, but it also looks edgy and cool, and would be perfect for any jewellery enthusiast. It also arrives in a little box, and comes in gold and rose gold as well.

Gold Leaf Hoop Earring

Price: £6

Delicately crafted, these beautiful earrings look super expensive, but are actually only £6! The way the leaves are placed is so pretty and natural.

Vintage photo frame

Price: £5.39

Everyone seems to know about vintage items these days, and these nifty little set of frames are a great gift for when you want to hang up some of those precious memories.

Build your own LEGO bauble

Price: £8.50

Baubles you can make out of Lego? Yes, please. The bauble can either be one solid colour, or it can have a strip around the middle. Each ornament comes with either a piece of ribbon or string to hang up your ball when it’s ready for the tree.

Laser-cut coasters

Price: £4.00

These coasters are made from plywood for when you’re enjoying that festive hot chocolate. Amy Pickard is a 21-year-old university student, who started the business to raise funds for an embroidery placement. She has a range of items which are mostly no more than a tenner and are in bright colours to fit the festive period.

Personalised oak and brass jewellery stand

A final accessory piece: a personalised oak and brass wall mounted jewellery holder. This can be fitted with initials of the receiver on the end. The best way of keeping your jewellery in sight and will decorate your wall nicely.

Price: £16.00

20th December 2018