Want to get away from the hustle and bustle? Here are some real jobs in remote locations

2nd January 2019

If you’ve been using Facebook for a while now, you might have come across an advertisement or an article about how there’s a job going on some remote island in the middle of nowhere. The ad usually says that all you have to do is water some plants, cut some grass, maintain the land and, not only will you be paid handsomely, you don’t have to interact with people ever again.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s what I thought when my editor set me the task of finding them. But it wasn’t long before I came across a website that actually advertises jobs like this, (minus the healthy salary). Not only do these jobs exist and are posted by real people, but there’s a full website dedicated to them.

After wondering what my parents would say if I told them I was moving to central America to help look after cattle, I had a look and found some amazing opportunities that are available in 2019.

“Help on a desert island resort in the Ream National Park, Cambodia”

Located in a remote tourist destination in Cambodia, a German couple are on the hunt for people to help out around the house and maintain the beautiful surrounding landscape.

We are a German couple living on a desert island in the Ream National Park in the south of Cambodia. We have a resort with 8 wooden bungalows. We work together with 4 Cambodian people.

“We have 4 dogs, 2 Pony, 2 pigs a jungle and beach. We are the only resort on this island. We are looking for volunteers minimum age 25.”

Does it have Netflix? 📷

The job advertisement states they need help with things like gardening, general maintenance, cooking, shopping, help around the house, animal care and helping with tourists.

Although this is a tourist resort and not completely a deserted island, there are a lot of customer reviews that rave — not just about the people in the resort — but about the amazing scenery and the relaxing, picturesque remote lands too.

With June through September no longer requiring any more volunteers, this opportunity that seems too good to be true may be out of reach before long.

“Calling all mountain lovers! In Ariege, France”

This volunteering opportunity in the south of France is perfect for those of you whose idea of relaxing is to hike up mountains in the remote southwestern French wilderness.

The job advertisement reads:

We are looking forward to welcoming Workaway volunteers in 2019 and are already planning our projects! We are able to host two sessions in 2019 with 4 Workaway volunteers at each session. The first session will run for three weeks from 15th June to 6th July. The second session will also run for three weeks from 7th September to 28th September.

Meh… 📷

“We are looking for people who are physically strong, resourceful and motivated and who have the stamina to get stuck into working outdoors on steep slopes. Working here provides many challenges along with great rewards! 

“We, your hosts, Karen and Matthew, are an English couple in our late 50’s/early 60’s. We have lived in this remote part of France for the past thirteen years, in a small stone house perched on the side of a mountain valley. The setting is very peaceful, with access by footpath only. We are committed to a sustainable self-sufficient lifestyle and enjoy all the challenges that this brings.”

But what if the French bigfoot, “Le Grand Pied”, attacks? 📷

Helping with things like gardening, building, general maintenance on the side of this English couples big eco project to help maintain the land around their home, I can’t see why anyone travelling through the south of France would want to miss this opportunity.

The provided accommodation is a prospector tent located near the couple’s house where you can immerse yourself with the outside world while still enjoying home comforts such as a double bed.

This one kind of gives me Cheaper by the Dozen 2 vibes, without the army of screaming children of course. Free food, free accommodation and the chance to help maintain some of France’s most beautiful idyllic scenery doesn’t sound like a bad job to me, even if Eugene Levy does show up — in fact, that would make it even better!

“Join off-grid project, helping us with gardening and building on the island of Vis”

If being off the grid is your thing then this one is for you; unless you’re a criminal searching for a place to lay low, in which case I don’t think you should continue reading. On one of the most remote islands of Croatia, this opportunity to help maintain the land of a Swiss/Dutch family seems perfect for anyone who fancies a few weeks surrounded by beautiful Croatian woodlands.

Blackpool has the Pleasure Beach, no competition really 📷

“This side of the island has been abandoned more than 70 years ago and all that is left are a few ruins. All the terraces were once used to grow grapes but are now completely overgrown by dense bush and pine forests. Obviously, this means a lot of work clearing the land but also endless possibilities for creative solutions!”

The type of help you’d be doing is gardening, building, babysitting, general maintenance, cooking, chores around the house, teaching and of course, helping with the family’s eco project.

With lots of work to do and limited internet access, this is perfect for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life while still remaining physically active. With access to a number of different sports as well as land perfect for long walks and hiking, this is a chance to create a beautiful environment for a lovely family to enjoy, while being able to indulge in the experience of off-the-grid living that sticks it to “The Man”.

Help out on our estate at the north end of the Isle of Jura, off the west coast of Scotland”

This job is for those of you who want a new challenge in a remote location but also want to remain as close to home as possible. Just off the west coast of Scotland, this opportunity is perfect for animal lovers who want to get their hands dirty helping maintain the farmland and scenery on this beautiful, remote stretch of Jura.


It’s all “oohs” and “ahs” now but wait until you get a Scottish fiver. You will never be rid of the bugger 📷

We live and work at the north end of the island of Jura off the west coast of Scotland. We have a working cattle farm and deer stalking estate of 16,000 acres. Jura is an island with only 230 people but 6000 red deer. There is one shop and one pub and a whisky and gin distillery. George Orwell wrote ‘1984’ here and described Jura as an ‘unget-at-able’ place.

“We have a diverse range of work that needs doing around the estate from weeding the polytunnel to cleaning the beach. Depending on the time of year there are paths to maintain, animals to be fed and venison to be processed. No particular skills are needed, just a willingness to get stuck in. We usually take people for two weeks at a time and just in spring and winter as we’re busy with holidaymakers or our deer stalking season for the rest of the year although it’s worth checking in to see if we have space.”

With an abundance of surrounding wildlife and stunning scenery, this opportunity seems ideal for anyone who fancies a little break away from their normal life in favour of a new challenge not far from home.

With opportunity now limited to just March through June, I’m considering booking this one for myself while I still have the chance.

“Move away from the hustle and bustle to experience a slower time in the rainforest of Belize”

I don’t think there would be anything more middle-class than helping an American family take over an English-speaking, Central American city by helping to build things on their land. But regardless of that, this voluntary position looks amazing and is only available to one lucky worker at a time.

Ronnie and Brenda sound nice if not eccentric. But there is something suspicious about “… remotely.” 📷

“We are a couple living in the rainforest in the remote southern region of Belize on 47 acres. The area consists of small Mayan and Belizean villages. We are 9 miles from the Caribbean Sea. 

“We are Ronnie and Brenda. Ronnie is a retired Tarot card reader. Brenda still works a full-time job at a US company…remotely. We are both from the US. Ronnie is from the south, Brenda is from the north. We are good cooks and enjoy learning new recipes.

“Belize is an English-speaking country, but many languages are spoken here. We study Spanish and hope some people would like to help us along in becoming fluent.”

It appears this job would only be given to someone who either has some sort of building or maintenance experience or someone who could help the couple to learn Spanish. However, if either of those sounds like you, and you want to live life at a much slower pace, then pop over to Belize in 2019.

“Remote Wilderness Eco Resort in Northern Canada”

This one is a little different, for a few reasons. Firstly, this is the only job on the list that offers payment as well as food and accommodation. That payment comes with more of a workload and more responsibility, however.

In Yellowknife, this job opportunity is in an eco-wilderness resort in the remote forestland of Northern Canada.

Every year the Canadians sacrifice one maiden to help the harvest. They are extremely polite about it though.

“Many miles from roads, or national suppliers of electricity and water, our lodge nonetheless provides many of the benefits of a luxury hotel, with the priceless addition of a pristine wilderness environment, unpolluted by artificial light or noise, the perfect setting for getting back to nature, discovering your true self, and tons of activities, all under the winter dark skies or the summer’s midnight sun.

“The goal of our program is to open our small community to the world for people who have a keen desire to learn. A cultural exchange environment allows our place to operate with an international community, built of individuals with a variety of skills, languages, and passions, and to provide a lifetime experience as one of the only hosts in the north of Canada.”

With the job requiring everything from chopping wood to helping with tourists, there’s a much more vigorous selection process for anyone wanting a couple of months away in Northern Canada.

2nd January 2019