Why are imams fat? And everything else you've wanted to ask

Fazal Dad explains what's with the hat, what imams actually do and why he loves football

17th May 2018

Ramadan mubarak! It’s that time of year again — Ramadan, the month of fasting before Eid al-Fitr, otherwise known as the time of year Muslims all over the UK go for a walk or look out of the window while everyone else is having lunch.

In order to mark the start of Ramadan, we sat down with senior imam Fazal Dad of Abu Bakr Masjid in Bradford to quiz him about what he does.

Why does he have a beard? Why does he always wear that hat? What does he think non-muslims get wrong about Islam? From explaining his passion for football and martial arts, to even revealing why so many Imams are fat, he gave us all of the details. Believe it or not, alongside his work as an Imam he is also a primary school teacher. Is there anything Fazal can’t do?!

17th May 2018