Inktober Week 2 A round-up of some of the best #inktober art from the second week

& The Overtake Team 17th October 2018

Welcome to week 2. As #Inktober continues only the most committed of ink-devils have the chops to go the distance.

Picking up where we left off last week here are some of the best illustrations from around the twittersphere.  The second week’s themes include star, precious, flowing, cruel, whale, guarded and clock, but as ever be prepared for Halloween cats and crones to sneak into the mix.  We’ve thrown in a few pieces from week one that flew under the radar too.

As ever make sure to check out the artist’s page if you like their work. Enjoy!

By @Barcinator


By @GenevieveTsai


By @IAmHappyToast


By @seikatattoo


By @JohnDevlinArt


By @Kinschi_draws

By @Leaevra


By @louanaaoohnana


By @mi_se_ra


By @RikaTieck


by @SauceGhost

By @Shawncomicart


By @swig_swag_420


By @Syl_Phy

Join us next week when we round-up week 3!

& The Overtake Team 17th October 2018