Royal Wedding Week On The Overtake

14th May 2018

Welcome to 21st century Britain, where food banks are numerous, austerity is still in effect, and the richest family in the country gets a state-subsidised wedding because we’re utterly daft. Yes, it’s Royal Wedding Week! Or as it’s known here at The Overtake, £32 Million Week.

By now you should know the drill, we’ll grumble and moan about it until the wedding day comes, at which point we’ll all be glued to the TV, starry-eyed and wistful. And hey, at least it’s an excuse to get pissed in the daytime, the weather’s supposed to be good too.

In honour of this momentous event, we’ll be looking at what else that £32m might have bought, were it not so vitally needed to pay for the wedding of a literal prince and Hollywood actress, of course. For the benefit of those who don’t have millions of loyal, tax-paying subjects to fund our nuptials, we’ll also be looking at the absolute cheapest possible way to do a wedding, because who said romance is dead? Never one to miss out on the action, we’re also sending one lucky reporter all the way from the north of England down to Windsor to find out why hundreds of activists plan to camp out there the night before the wedding.

Whatever your take on the Royals and their incredibly lavish and — have we mentioned? — state-subsidised wedding, it can’t be said that this is not a significant event, and for a lot of people, seeing a strong, intelligent mixed-race woman being welcomed into an institution like the British Royal family is, to say the least, a huge sign of progress.

So, is this the next step into a new era of British nobility — one not so old-fashioned and, well, racist? How many episodes of Don’t Tell the Bride could have been made for the money involved here? Why don’t we get a day off this time?

For the answers to these and so many more crucial questions, stay tuned.

14th May 2018