Workers Week

Camgirls, unpaid trial shifts, universal basic income... and everything in between

30th April 2018

In the words of the modern-day prophet and cultural icon Rihanna, “I have to work work work work work work”. Same, Riri, same.

Maybe you’ve heard about the poor conditions many real people work in, and maybe you heard about the fact that Amazon workers in England peed in bottles and skipped breaks for fear of losing their jobs? Or maybe you heard about Zara workers slipping pleas for help into the clothes they were making?

On a less extreme scale, spare a thought for those bartenders who have to deal with you and your drunk mates after one too many on a night out, and those guys who empty your dustbins every other week.

Air Force chefs prepare hundreds of dishes
Busy chefs preparing for service 📸 US Air Force

This week is dedicated to the workers of the world. Those who do the jobs that nobody wants to do, those who work every Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to sell you last minute gifts and serve you your midnight shots, those who prepare your lunchtime sandwiches and 7am pies.

We’re kicking off later today with an exploration of the morality of unpaid trial shifts and the subsequent exploitation of those desperately in need of work.

Later in the week, we’ll look at the lives of camgirls, and question what would happen if Britain implemented a universal basic income.

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30th April 2018